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Testing and Counselling

Chronological order

Testing and Counselling for Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV
(TC for PMTCT) Support Tools
3 February 2006
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Online Toolkit for HIV Testing and Counselling
4 August 2004
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UNAIDS/WHO Policy Statement on HIV Testing
4 July 2004
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Increasing Access to HIV Testing and Counselling
Report of a WHO Consultation, 19-21 November 2002, Geneva, Switzerland
2 September 2003
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The Right to Know
New Approaches to HIV Testing and Counselling
26 June 2003
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Increasing Access to Knowledge of HIV Status
Conclusions of a WHO Consultation, 3-4 December 2001
30 June 2002
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Opening Up the HIV/AIDS Epidemic
Guidance on encouraging beneficial disclosure, ethical partner counselling & appropriate use of HIV case-reporting.
1 November 2000
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